Developing Your Digital Transformation Strategy

Your organization is about to take its first step towards digital transformation.

Along this journey you will discover what is possible when you allow your business to evolve through digitalization. You will discover new value chains and how to capitalize on them and you will discover your vulnerabilities and how to secure them.

As you plan the roadmap for your digitally empowered future you will explore the possibilities of automation, virtualization, disintermediation and other advancements and you’ll quickly learn which new processes could and more importantly should be applied to your business.

The Process of Digital Transformation

The process of transformation is a continual one that builds on incremental successes. Assess – Discover – Strategize – Execute & Align – Sustain and Transform all play a vital role in the achievement of transformation.

  • Understand value streams and customer base
  • Evaluate Products, Operations and Technology Capabilities
  • Assess available data and content
  • Gain a deep understanding of the needs of all key stakeholders including employees and customers
  • Identify opportunities in Products, Processes, Operations and Customer Experience
  • Evaluate economic value of opportunities and prioritize
  • Deliver proof of value and opportunity statement

During this phase we will deliver a proof of value and opportunity assessment.

  • Develop strategies for digitalization and implementation roadmap
  • Ensure that the digital transformation strategy aligns with Organization's mission and vision
  • Define KPIs, KRAs and client specific metrics, measure “as-is” and set goals
Execute and Align
  • Develop disruptive designs using principles of design thinking, develop rapid prototypes and perform pilot runs
  • Execute end-to-end transformation strategies using agile principles, engage stakeholders, manage change and deliver transformation programs in shortest time
Sustain and Transform
  • Sustain the competitive advantage gained through digital transformation
  • Transform continuously to uncover new values for all stakeholders
  • Establish governance and continuous improvement
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